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The Auckland Skytower

奥克兰的每个人都知道 Sky Tower, at 328m, it's the highest point on the city’s skyline from any direction.  自1997年建成以来, taking the lift to the glassed-in observation deck has been a must for all residents and visitors - but there is a much more exciting way to experience that view, 路上没有任何障碍.

The Skywalk

在AJ·哈克特的行动中, the company famous for pioneering commercial bungy jumping, small groups are kitted out in orange boilersuits and harnesses, 挂在架空电缆上, and led out to walk around the 120m circumference ring that makes up the Tower’s widest point, 在令人眩晕的192米高空.

Preparing For The Skywalk

You meet your guides, who are very friendly, encouraging, and professional, 谁会帮你准备好 walk.  乘电梯上了塔之后, you have to empty everything out of your pockets before getting into your boilersuit and having your harness fitted and checked several times.

You leave all your personal gear, including phones and cameras, in lockers.  你被告知会发生什么, 然后走到甲板上, which is a see-through, but sturdy, metal grid.  Your harness is attached by carabiners to two cables, one in front, one behind your back, which are connected to runners on a rail that loops overhead around the tower.  Everything is checked multiple times by the guides - safety obviously has top priority. 

The Skywalk Experience 

To begin, you go out to walk out around the meter-wide platform, which has no handrails, looking at the views, 指出各种地标的, 还有摆姿势拍照, 并且被鼓励去冒险.  This begins with letting go of the front cable that most people initially grip with white knuckles. Then you work your way through a number of options that include closing your eyes, walking backward, sitting down to dangle your feet over the void, 甚至站在悬崖边上, 面朝前后, for maximum thrills.

What To Expect

一开始的紧张是可以理解的, but the guides are very calm and reassuring, 这样每个人都能感觉到, with their encouragement, to get a buzz of adrenaline by doing things they’ll delight in boasting about afterward - like leaning out from the very edge of the platform, at an angle of 45 degrees, or standing on one leg.  But it’s not all about the personal challenge: you’ll never get a better look at Auckland city, suburbs, 还有周围的环境.

Apart from being impressed by the long views in every direction, one of the most surprising things is how flat this hilly city looks from above.  It’s great fun to look down on the toy-sized cars below, and even tinier people; and also to get a literal overview of the city, 看看它们是如何结合在一起的, 从怀塔克雷山脉到兰吉托托, 从长湾到同域,甚至更远, cut through by the motorways and surrounded by sea and bush. 

The Auckland Skyjump

You might find that your experience coincides with that of someone who is even more adventurous.  The SkyJump, 哪个是从同一层面运行的, 不是经典的蹦极吗, more a controlled fall where jumpers are harnessed to a cable which then drops them feet-first down to street level 53 floors below.  The first few seconds feel like a thrilling free-fall before the cable takes charge and lowers them at 85km/h.  You will walk 走过他们站立的站台, screwing up their courage, before launching themselves at the countdown - or perhaps not, the first, or even second, time.

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